Dr. Nazariy Andrushchak is the Ukrainian scientist, originally from Lviv, who is working on implementing solutions on development of methods and different techniques to investigate refractive indices and dielectric permittivities of crystalline and nanostructures material. Also, in his area of scientific interests are development of algorithms for 2D and 3D image recognition and comercialization of technological business projects.

His first passion about the science was at the age of 12 years, when he designed the car steered with the remote control. Being enormously interested in electronics and having the highest scores on Physics and Mathematics in class, Nazariy decided to enter the university to become a specialist in Telecommunication. From the first course at the university Nazariy became a leader of the academic group, and was a tutor for those, who had some difficulties with classes. In addition, he participated in different competitions and as a result, took the first prize at All-Ukrainian Olympiad on Physics in 2004.


For remarkable level of knowledge, he gained a prestigious University scholarship in 2005 the Scholarship from Lviv Regional State Administration in 2007. Furthermore, he has been awarded the Scholarship of Pinchuk Foundation in 2007 and 2008 for his scientific innovative research and leadership skills.

As a result of his consistent learning and successful defense of Master’s thesis, he has gained Master's degree with honor followed by great recommendations for achieving PhD degree.


Constant work and improvement of technical skills and knowledge allowed him to win the competition for the Fulbright Graduate Scholarship (2009-2012) to study in the USA and gain Master’s degree in Microelectronics-Photonics.

In 2014 Nazariy won the Grant of the President of Ukraine for Young Scientists, which is the most prestigious award for researchers under 35 years in Ukraine. And in 2016 he became a coordinator and main principal investigator of the Grant of Young Scientists of Ukraine “Nanocomposite” (number of state registration 0116U004412) entitled “Design and creation of a new class of crystalline nanocomposites with a tailored crystallization and its research in optical and subterahertz wave range”.


His particular interest is in Technological Business Projects Commercialization. As a proof of his innovative ideas and possibilities to implement them into technological projects Dr. Andrushchak has won a first price in Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Program Business Pitch Competition in 2015 from the CRDF agency.

It is worth to mention that Dr. Andrushchak delivers class lectures on courses "Theory of Algorithms" (self-developed laboratory practice), "Methods and Tools of Machine Learning" (self-developed curriculum, lectures and laboratory practice) and “Algorithmization and Programming”. He also mentoring undergraduate students in research laboratories, supervising of B.S. and M.S. students in their projects, writing scientific paper in journals and thesis for participating in International conferences. Also, he is preparing proposals for Horizon2020 and Erasmus Plus projects.


Moreover, he has organized a club for students, where he teaches basics of setting experiment and how to perform specific measurements using microwave and optical equipment. He is kindly willing to share his knowledge with students and other researchers, who has difficulties in performing some experiments.

The other important thing that Dr. Andrushchak think is crucial in his life is to travel and active healthy way of life. Thus it is always a place for sport and exercise in his daily life.

He has a strong believe that the more you give, the more you achieve and only the constant work makes your dream possible. It is the life's motto for author of this website.